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CancerCompass is a place to discover and share cancer-related information with people affected by cancer. When you become a member of the CancerCompass online community, you’ll gain access to several additional features like a personalized profile, weekly updates, and community message boards and other discussion forums.

Personalized Profile Page

By creating a personalized profile page, you can keep up with the cancer community and information you value most. Your page is customized with your cancer type and other areas of interest, and you can modify these preferences at any time. Creating a profile page allows you to search for others and build a group of friends to share your cancer journey with, while allowing others who share your experience of cancer to find you too.

Your profile page also keeps track of what your friends on CancerCompass are doing, and gives you the latest news and information. CancerCompass is updated frequently with new content, which appears on your profile page as it becomes available.

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When you subscribe to CancerCompass, you’ll have the option to receive a weekly newsletter that provides links to the latest cancer news and research related to your specific cancer type, nutrition and other interests. We also read through the latest message board posts and include some of them in the newsletter. You can choose to stop receiving the newsletter at any time.

Message Board

Everyone is welcome to read along in our message boards, learn from the experiences of others, and use our resources to find cancer-related information and news. As a member of the CancerCompass online community, you also can reply to message board postings and start your own discussions. Our community message boards are a great place to ask questions, share your story and support others who are living with cancer.

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