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At CancerCompass, we’re always adding new features to help you connect with the people and information you need.

Upcoming Features

  • Profile Wall
  • Share Comments on Facebook
  • Recipes

Current Features

  • Cancer Fighters ThriveSM, the official magazine of CancerCompass
    This quarterly magazine offers you tips and insights that can rally your mind, body and spirit for your day-to-day experience of living with and fighting cancer.
  • New Home Page
    Here is where you can join thousands of conversations about cancer, get the latest news and connect with others.
  • Expanded Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer Information
    Explore our expanded breast & liver cancer sections, including our Circle of Care tool, giving you guided questions for every step of the cancer journey.
  • Profile Page
    Customize your profile by cancer type and other areas of interest, tell others a little bit about yourself and upload a photo. Share as little or as much as you want to.
  • Connect with Others
    Our new search tool allows you to find people who've been affected by cancer, as well as information by cancer type, and conventional and alternative treatment options.


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