Cancer doesn't just affect one part of the body. It affects all of you and everything in your life. We created CancerCompass because we're excited about all of the information and interaction that the web can offer people who have been touched by cancer. CancerCompass is designed to be a place of community that brings together the experiences of people at every step of the cancer journey, for a powerful place of support and sharing.

We also wanted to create one destination that provides you with what you need to make empowered and informed treatment decisions. In addition to community, here you’ll find resources for the latest cancer information and news, interactive discussion forums, and tangible advice for every aspect of cancer care.

Cancer Atlas®

This unique cancer education tool features 3-D medical animations, with voice narration. Each one illustrates a particular cancer disease process in the body, common diagnostic tools, and medical treatments and procedures. Cancer Atlas® takes complex topics and explains them in simple terms using 3-D animations. Watch and learn about cancer with these helpful animated tools.

Cancer Blog

Here's our collection of cancer-related stories. We sift through a variety of stories and share the issues that we think matter to cancer patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and survivors. Learn about current events in the cancer community, human interest stories, and promising technology and treatment advances. Tell us what you think in the Comments section at the bottom of each post.

Cancer Information

Learn more about common cancer types and treatments. Here you’ll find information about specific cancer diagnoses, and conventional and complementary treatment options. While everyone’s experience with cancer is different, learning more about the disease can help empower patients, caregivers and survivors alike.

Cancer News

Get the latest cancer news and research. Sort by cancer type or read the current headlines to learn what’s happening in the science of cancer detection and treatment, as well as healthy living tips for dealing with cancer.

Weekly Cancer Newsletter

CancerCompass delivers informative, up-to-date cancer news to your email inbox every week. We search for the latest articles related to your specific cancer type, nutrition and other cancer news so you don't have to.

Every day, hundreds of people read through our message board entries and share ideas and concerns with other people. We selectively look through the latest message board posts and include some of them in the newsletter, too.

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Your Guide to Cancer Care

A comprehensive resource that provides information about cancer in an easy-to-understand format, so you know what to expect after a cancer diagnosis and can be better equipped and empowered to participate in your treatment decisions.

Discover resources for communicating with doctors, comparing treatment options and tangible advice for managing the day-to-day realities of living with cancer, from financial planning to pain management.

Insurance Information

If you have questions about insurance coverage, you’re not alone. Our quick overview gives you the facts about health insurance plans and other common terms to help you understand your options.


Listen and learn about cancer-related issues in our monthly podcast. Each episode features interviews with cancer doctors and specialists from Cancer Treatment Centers of America, our podcast sponsor.

The Gateway for Cancer Research

The Gateway for Cancer Research is a cancer charity that supports innovative, patient-centered clinical research that has the potential to positively impact the lives of cancer patients today. Learn about The Gateway and help fund cancer research to find better treatments and cures for cancer.

Cancer Fighters Thrive™ Magazine

The official magazine of CancerCompass, this quarterly publication is devoted to anyone who's been touched by cancer. You’ll find inspiring articles about cancer survivors, tips to help you improve your quality of life, and information about breakthroughs in cancer treatment and supportive therapies.


Find healthy and delicious recipes for dinner, dessert and more. Our recipes come from a variety of sources and maximize the cancer-fighting potential of everyday foods. You'll find new ideas for meals, including meat, seafood and vegetarian options. All of the foods are designed to be quick and easy preparations.

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