Gateway for Cancer Research

Gateway for Cancer Research℠ is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to funding meaningful and breakthrough clinical trials worldwide that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer TODAY.

99 cents of Every Dollar Received Funds Cancer Clinical Trials!

Because Gateway expenses are underwritten, 99 cents of every dollar Gateway receives goes directly to fund cancer clinical trials that help cancer patients now and in the future.

Over 25 Years of Impacting Cancer Care

Since 1991, Gateway has provided millions of dollars of funding for over 150 clinical trials and treated over 3000 patients. Gateway has funded researchers at some of the best cancer centers and academic institutions in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Switzerland. Just a few Gateway-funded trial achievements include:

  • The use of inhalation therapy to deliver molecular therapy directly to metastatic lung cancer
  • The creation of a DNA vaccine targeting a breast cancer antigen which was demonstrated to be safe and to increase patients' immune response
  • The use of epigenetic intervention with chemotherapy in pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) that has potentially saved the lives of seven children
  • The use of a novel drug called “Tumor Paint” to aid in the surgical removal of pediatric brain cancer that helps identify cancer sites for improved removal of tumors while decreasing the risk of removing precious healthy brain tissue. See how tumor paint is saving young lives today.

Just $16.56 Funds One Day

Gateway funds all types of cancer in all stages. On average, it costs just 16.56 to fund one patient for one day in Gateway-funded trial. Help us fund one day, one week, one month, or make a donation of any amount to help Gateway realize its vision of shaping a world in which a cancer diagnosis is no longer feared. For more information about Gateway, please call 847-342-7450 or email

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