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by khurrum on Sat Nov 18, 2017 04:09 PM

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I would like to know what these following wordings on my father's PET Scan report meaning,, my father have scheduled for a TURP procedure after one week.. is it safe recommended to got for this procedure?

Patient age 75 Male

Height Weight 162cm 54 kg

Reference SUVmean value over liver 2.65  +/- 0.27

Total CTDIvol : 4.8 mGy

Total DLP  505.00  

Technique : Baseline FBS was 89mg/dl 140 MBq of FDG was administered I/V and after 82 minutes uptake time Skull to mid thigh PET/CT  Low dose without i/v contrast , non-diagnostic ONLY for the attenuation correction and anatomieal localization study was acquired using Celesterion Scanner 

Oral gastrografin was given prior the study for the better delineation of bowel loops.

 Maximal Standardized Uptake Value (SUVmax) normalized for body weight is used.

Head and neck : there is evidence of normal FDG distribution over brain cortex without evidence of mass effect but some misregistration artifact. Para-nasal sinuses are clear, No evidence of hyper-metabolic node is noted on either side of the neck or supraclavicular regions 

Chest Bother axilac show no evidence of hypermetabloic node. Subcentimeter lymph nodes with mild FDG uptake are seen in prevascular (SUVmax 2.4) precarinal (SUVmax 2.2) and left hilar (SUVmax 2.2) which are non-specific in nature. Previously seen bilateral pleural effusion (mild on left and minimal on righ) and basal atelectasis are not appreciable in the recent scan. Solitary tiny metabolically non-active soft tissue nodule is seen in left upper lung which ist too small to characterize and needs following Rest of the sturcture in chest show physiological tacer characterize and needs followup . Rest of the structure in chest show physiological tracer distribution with normal morphology.

ABDOMEN AND PELVIS: Uniform tracer distribution is seen over liver and spleen. Left-sided perinephric fat stranding and fluid collection is not appreciable in the recent scan Appearance of bilateral PCNs        Re-demonstration of enlarged and irregular prostatic mass measuring 76x49 with a volumetric SUVmax 9.9 Mass is abutting the left pelvic wall and anterior wall of rectum without definite infiltration. Redemonstration of 2 radiopapaque calculi in urinary bladder.Multip le hypermetabolic noes are seen in paracaval region (SUVmax 6.1) and presacral region (largest focus on the left side with volumetric SUVmax of 15.7) Right adrenal, pancreas and gallbladder are within normal limits. Physiological tracer distribution is seen in bowel. and urinary tract.

SKELETAL : A solitary hypermetabolic focus is seen over right acetabulum psterioly (SUVmax 5.4) and likely a metastatic deposit.Redemo nstration of degenrative arthritic changes over the spine.

IMPRESSION : This is an abnormal PET/CT study

Hypermetabolic irregular prostatic mass abutting the left pelvic and anterior rectal wall with definite infltration.

Hypermetabolic nodal disease in teh paracaval and presacral regions.

Evidence of bilateral PCN with complete resolution of the left sided perinephric fat stranding, fluid collection and bilateral pleural effusion 

A hpermetabolic boney metastasis involving right acetabulum is noted.

Solitary metabolically  non-active soft tissue nodule in upper lobe of left lung which is too small to characterize in need follow up


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