Cesium Chloride revisited

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Cesium Chloride revisited

by BlindGuide on Mon Mar 12, 2018 08:28 PM

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Greetings, fellow navigators!

I have recently become aware of A. Keith Brewer's brilliant theory for controlling cancerous cells with cesium and have begun attempting to confirm which methodologies may be being used today by both alternative practitioners and the general public under advice from purveyors or on their own, in particular, how is the cesium chloride being introduced to the body, as well as, what stumbling-blocks may have been encountered and the net results.

I am reaching out to this community for that information to renew the conversation begun in 2010 since there has been no new activity in several years and the original discussion was fairly limited.

Please reply with your methodology, experiences and the effectiveness/ineffectiveness achieved.

Thank You!

RE: Cesium Chloride revisited

by chalmj on Tue Mar 13, 2018 04:02 PM

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Blind Guide,

I responded to your post in the previous discussion on cesium chloride but wanted to respond in this more recent cesium chloride post as well.

Yes Cesium chloride was one of the protocols I used successfully to some extent back a few years ago but I'm not using it now. I was taking it as an ionic liquid mineral supplement along with liquid ionic potassium. At one point my tumor collapsed after a month ar so but it was only about 1/4 of the tumor and as time went on there was no further tumor reaction. So something worked but I could not keep it going.  

Today I believe I have found a much more effective approach. Currently I am on a restricted ketogenic diet (RKD) and tracking macronutrient intake with an online tracking tool called chronometer to achieve macronutrient targets for high fat, low carbohydrate, moderate protein. This diet mimics fasting such that blood glucose levels are lowered to fasting levels. In my opinion all cancer patients should be on a high fat diet as the science seems clear cancer cells cannot use fat for fuel.


If you have not heard of the RKD I urge you to get thee to you tube to search for videos on the ketogenic diet and cancer from doctors like Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried (Cancer as a Metabolic Disease book), Dr. Mercola, Dr. Ron Rosedale (he talks about excess protein, mTOR and autophagy), Dr. Gundry, Dr. David Perlmutter (Brain Maker book). The best book to help with RKD implementation is Dr. Mercolas recent book - Fat for Fuel.


I also strive to increase the diversity of my gut flora by eating lots of fiber like inulin, arabinogalactan, fulvic and humeric acid (soil bacteria metabolites) and fermented foods. I purchase a special yogurt called Bravo that supposedly has the ability to stimulate the immune system to activate macrophages. The Bravo yogurt was developed in part by Dr. Marco Ruggerio who discusses it on many of his you tube videos.


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