advice please

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advice please

by shellie12 on Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:47 PM

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hiya everyone can i ask anyone for some help and advice

my uncle was diasgosed with prostate cancer with some spread to the bones  spot on back and shoulder and one hip last august

This past 2 weeks he has been compaining of a sore back, and am not sure if the cancer is causing it as hes been in bed for near a month as his nerves are not good   he doesnt wanta walk shave or anything  all he does is lay on top of bed or sit on bed.  So he has started to complain  about a sore back. and am not sure if it coming from no excercise or the cancer .  guess what am trying to ask is  anyone that has the pain with bone  is it there all the time,? wood one pain med put it away ,?  he can lift his legs up high with no pain but when he sits he says he feels it at times and if he rocks right to left he feels it   and seme to be he has to get his one pain med aftr his dinner each evening 

Any help wood be really appricated   thanks

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