Precision Medicine? Anyone?

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Precision Medicine? Anyone?

by PM_2018 on Fri Aug 31, 2018 08:41 AM

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In 2015, Ex-president Barak Obama announced the precision medicine initiative in order to to develop prevention, diagnostic, and treatment approaches tailored to individual patients. Several terminologies are associated with the same concept; Precision Medicine, Personalized Medicine and Individualized Medicine.

In 2018,we would like to know if it is put into practice and patients have enough awareness. Please share your experience and views if the concept was explained by your doctor or health provider, if you were offered a targeted therapy or a personalized drug or asked to take a genetic, protein, or Pharmacogenetic test. 

In case this is all new to you, check this video below for more information and also write down your opinion on whether you believe PM is the future and if it should be adopted by insurance companies and governments as the standard practice Vs the One-size-fits-all paradigm currently used.

Thank you ALL

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