phyllobe tumor was on letrozole for nine months

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phyllobe tumor was on letrozole for nine months

by daencouch on Fri Oct 05, 2018 01:28 PM

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this is my experience, i am 66 years young, hardly been sick, at all. got this tumor that got real big quickly, most doctors thought it was near death situation, except an oncologist, who knew what it was, went on letrozole immediately.

some of the common side effects, loss of memory for abit, numbness in hands and feet, alot of improvement.  but now i find i have an allergy to letrozole, sores again, rash, hives, just went off letrozole, already i feel better, wonder if my system just was on overload of letrozole, hear was also very loud, could not control volume button in my head, but now that i am off it, things are more normal.  do some medical marijuana, and that is relaxing.  last ct in may alot of the inner cancer had gone, just feel maybe i have had enough.

makes me nervous to read that letrozole causes tumors in animal research.  does not make sense to me, that this small tumor should be isolated, and forced to experience so much intensely, feel now i am gaining also my mental memory back.

does anyone feel this way about letrozole, always been a nature person, with good food lots of exercise, letrozole was also starting to effect my legs, at times, it was banned in india for birth defects, the doctor just sees me every 4 months, i am thinking of second opinion.  read some of the oncologist work, and it is all about experimenting, with drugs, and numbers that took this or that pill, how many died etc..

sounds like an experiment, maybe i am better to go my way, get more holistic treatment, as i get the suspicious feeling, and i have done yogi and tachi for years, chopped my own wood etc...that this is just a hit and miss system, looking at the ideas of new german medicine, they say it could be shock to body, and the tumor is working out physically, and healing in its own way, makes sense to me.

i am a fine arts painter, so i have alot of stuff to do, and beauty around, and would prefer quality to quanitity in the long run.

appreciate any feedback, thanks

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