Treatment with Thorium x on birthmarks as a baby..

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Treatment with Thorium x on birthmarks as a baby..

by SusieMorph on Mon May 06, 2019 12:50 PM

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone out there who had similar treatment to me when I was a baby.
I was born in 1955 with birthmarks which were treated with superficial x-rays and Thorium x varnish. Thorium x was painted onto the birthmarks over a period of 18 months in 1956 when i was a few months old, firstly in the hospital where I was an outpatient and afterwards administered in the home, delivered by the local chemist in a lead container!
Thyroid lobe swelling started at age 5-6 years. Thyroid cancer diagnosed and thyroidectomy done at eleven years of age.
Treatments continued until the age of 35 years.
Parotid tumour removed at 60 years old (told it was benign - I am slightly sceptical).
Breast cancer operated on at 63 years of age, discovered at 62 years of age. This tumour was situated above one of the treated birthmarks.
A lifetime of ill health, struggling from one illness to the next.
I heard about this practice on a BBC Radio 4 programme and when I rang in to tell them my story was told there are no other survivors from this treatment. They also said this treatment was stopped in 1953, not so at my local hospital it seems (administered in 1956).
I cannot believe this treatment was metered out to tiny babies and to this day I have never had a satisfactory explanation. Everyone just shrugs and says 'Oh well people didn't understand what they were doing back then', and 'Oh no there's no connection between thorium x and cancer'.

I'd be delighted to find any another survivors out there!

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