Where to buy VITAMIN K3 IV (Menadione) for Apatone therapy?

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Where to buy VITAMIN K3 IV (Menadione) for Apatone therapy?

by rugz01 on Wed Jan 20, 2021 06:36 AM

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if anyone knows where we could buy Vitamin K3 IV let us know

New study...vitamin K3 was shown to eliminate leukemia stem cells (which prevents cancer progression) even when administered on its own, without vitamin C. Considering all cancer cells have largely the same metabolic derangements, I don't see why the combination with vitamin C won't be even more effective for leukemia than vitamin K3 on its own. The universality of the mechanism of Apatone has already been corroborated in multiple cancer types, and as such there is currently no evidence to suggest that leukemia cells are somehow unique and won't respond to the same mechanism of action - generation of ROS and shifting the redox balance towards oxidation.

Apatone® induces endometrioid ovarian carcinoma (MDAH 2774) cells to undergo karyolysis and cell death by autoschizis: A potent and safe anticancer treatment - ScienceDirect

Vitamin C and K3 Combination Causes Enhanced Anticancer Activity against RT-4 Bladder Cancer Cells

Vitamin K3 is approved as an OTC supplement to treat excessive bleeding in many other countries with little to no restriction on its use. So, the FDA ban on vitamin K3 at best achieves nothing, and at worst invites speculation of why the agency is banning the sales of a product considered safe in most other countries while at the same time allowing private companies to sell it as cancer treatment at an insanely inflated price...

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