Squamous cell - bit by something in garden

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Squamous cell - bit by something in garden

by dread06 on Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:53 PM

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Years ago I was outside planting a plant and something came out of the garden and bit/stung my arm. I let it go instructed by my partner to get it checked. It was itchy, red and scaly as can be. It spread around the area and looked like squamous. I did not get it checked. After having scalp issues and itching/stinging all over my body along with night sweats, malaise and fatigue I eventually put silver colloidal on it. It helped the area tremendously and the problems seized to exist in the effected area. Now I am still on a psoriasis/seborrheic dermatitis diagnosis for my scalp, but the dermatologist did say under his breath about insulin resistance. I do have symptoms of insulin resistance but do not have diabetes. I have a lot of bone pain in my arms and legs. My leg feels like someone is kicking my shin and my wrists clench up in pain. Currently and for the past year, four years on and off, I have experienced diarrhea/constipation/black stools, vomiting, extreme fatigue, dizziness, joint pain along with bone pain, and confusion, anger, sadness, and anxiety. People think I am on drugs, police officers civilians alike. Recently I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had lost my period for a few months two years prior to the diagnosis. After stopping a medicine at that time my period is now irregular with spotting and heavy bleeding. I get my period more often, sometimes twice a month. Low vitamin b12, I think 1000 mg dissolved under the tongue a day. Once was 5000 units of vitamin d that wasn't absorbing anyway, vitamin or not, so now the body has somehow used vitamin b12 through potassium or iron I'm guessing to compensate for the lack of vit D. A problem years ago was I broke my arm as a kid and it wasn't set right. There were fragments of bone that couldn't be placed along with both R. U. Not being able to set straight. It's bothered me for years. And the pain I felt that night in my arm I woke up screaming. It feels like you go through a black hole. Now I have that pain radiate down my leg and into my foot without ever breaking it and it's not sciatica. Oh wow. Not even close to arthritis. That's pain. I'd rather be on fire. I think my only fear is being stuck in that pain all over the body. Because holy heck. You can't even move. Ah

and this happened right around the time my legs got swollen. It happened three times last summer. They're swollen as can be. It hurts to even touch them. They're both three times the size they're supposed to be. And they want me to go for an MRI. Again with the MRI. No thanks to the CT. 

Now as a 29 year old female I am sick and tired as can be, no solutions found only in myself. I have a game plan for the next year as my countertop dishwasher awaits me from Walmart delivery. My cat and I have both been sick for three and a half years. Vomiting all the crap in life we once made taste to feel and smile about the exact crap in life I never wanted to endure again. Once asked myself as a teenager if I was to get bone cancer or a spine injury if I would even bother to treat it let alone find a diagnosis, and I said no. There is nothing on this earth that would make me want to fall down Hoover Dam instead of go down fighting. If it's pitch black and the sparks are flying, I think I'll make it to 6am. It's 5 o'clock somewhere. 

Can I eat please? If I wake up and I'm thirsty, I'm drinking some water. I'm stuck in a desert. Better than space. I want my last meal! I went to the doctors for the 30th time this "year", you lost weight! Hey, maybe I should model. 

I'm in the acceptance phase!!!!! You can't stop me! 

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