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Hey All..

by ashleyjade214 on Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:00 AM

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Hello..I'm new to this forum..And I must admit that I've never been one for these types of things but this forum seems really inviting..In January I  decided to go to my local health department and get on birth control and have my first pap smear ever done..While there during a pelvic exam I discovered that I had HPV as well as another common cervical infection which was determined to be unrelated to the HPV and was later cleared up with a round of antibiotics..I have never been so upset in my entire life..I just wanted to find the person that had given this to me and strangle the beans out of them..Because infact HPV (most commonly types 6 and 11) are sexually transmitted..After I calmed down the lady who had conducted my exam..Which was a nurse practitioner talked to me about the causes and the treatments of the virus..I learned that if you have had more than one sexual partner that there is no way to track HPV down because it can lay dormant for sometimes twenty years..I talked to my boyfriend of 7 months and we decided to not let this hurt our relationship..Chances are that if he hadn't brought it to the relationship then he had definetely been infected by me..And knowing that there was nothing we could do about it now we just decided to not worry ourselves..I had my first treatment for the warts about a week after I learned of them..They had to be chemically burned off..I thought that I would have a lot of pain out of it..But I didn't..Except for the initial burn..Which was great..And then about 2 weeks later I went back for a recheck and discovered that I needed another treatment..Again no real pain..Although I was not allowed to have any sex during this time and my boyfriend was just so supportive and patient..I have since healed up from those procedures and I THOUGHT that everything was going back to normal..Because I can live wth HPV..Chances are..I'm never going to have another partner and I may never in my life have another outbreak..Yesterday I got my letter in the mail about the results of my pap smear and today after I called her I learned that apparently have mild dysplasia..I have learned not to be afraid..Because at this point..I've heard it all..But my family does have a strong presence of cancer..So on the 6th I have another appointment to review the list of specialist to choose mine..Because lets face it..Although my nurse practitioner has been great throughout everything she isn't the woman to take care of pre-cancerous cells..I just felt the need to share my story..I have noticed a few people that were wondering about their dysplasia and wondering if they have HPV because they have found dysplasia..Not neccessarily do they go hand in hand..Although it is more likely to happen that way..I have found a very helpful website..It's just straight facts about both..It is as follows..


It's really easy to navigate..


Glad to be a part of the group!..



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