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Having Problems With Your Stomas Or Bag

by monk312 on Fri Jan 01, 2010 02:40 PM

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Hi there people, im monk312 tammy im old school now with my stoma/bag probelms, was age30 then now 40,so if you have questions hope i can answer them. had 2 stomas,1st.was in 2004 doctor put it bad location and went through so many bags couldnt keep bag stuck on it always leaked, my stoma stayed raw. so in aug.2006 went through 7hour operation re-site.now doing good. Oh there is long term effects from your treatments im living proof. have bone loss in my body and bad arthritis in my spine. took 25treatments in my butt so where does it go but soak into your bones. had took me so long for someone to tell me yes thats my problem is bone loss. i knew it just couldnt get the dum doctors to agree, now have to take gabapentin 900mg,for nerve damage from all the surgerys. tramad ol 50mg,pain in back spine but doesnt help. yes you will get depressed. i know cause i still have to take wellbutrin 200mg,once daily. you will never get use to the fact of having your guts hanging out your body. so many things i cant do anymore, that kills me but have no choice, but deal with it. I call my cancer the silent monster within. at age 34 lost my teeth, dentist calls it deadjaw.





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