nanoknife IRE for pancreatic cancer

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RE: nanoknife IRE for pancreatic cancer

by Ih8PC on Sat Jul 25, 2020 06:12 PM

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On Apr 04, 2020 8:09 PM PhilipJax wrote:

Tad187 & Everyone,
          When you STUDY the Decision Guide, you will find that Robert CG Martin of the University of Louisville is the world leader in IRE clinical practice research.  You will find his instruction guides linked at my website.
          Knowledge and skill make a difference.  The IRE probes must be positioned within 5mm of requisite distance for proper effect.  And, few practitioners have the desired 3D positioning radiology.  You are fortunate that you are in the US healthcare system.
          Be sure to study everything the Decision Guide has to offer, which includes two years of past CancerCompass postings.  Several days of hard work will save months of wasted wheel-spinning and lost opportunities.

Hi PhilipJax, 

I'm a Canadian caregiver for my 64 year old dad. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, inoperable in January of 2017. He had some liver mets. He responded very well to folfirnox, shrinking a 9x6 cm tumor down quite a bit. The liver mets were resolved and all significant that appeared was the main/primary tumor. There were a few tiny stable nodes here and there that never changed. In January of 2018, he had IRE with Dr. Donoway in Florida. After the nano knife, things were still stable, even shrinking further over the next year and a half. We had been doing holistic treatments since the start including vitamin C infusions and hypothermia. In August of 2019, one of the nodes on the pancreas started to grow. We just waited to see what would happen. In November of 2019 it grew even more. We decided to do holistic treatments more frequently. In February 2020, the cancer grew even more, now around 3 cm. We stopped Folfirinox and waited for a radiation trial. Previously, radiation was denied to us because evidence was missing for its effectiveness. I don't fully understand that but we were allowed in the trial: standard radiation vs sbrt. We were selected into the standard radiation arm unfortunately. Gemcitibene and Abraxene were also started. Another scan (baseline after a month break waiting for the trial, I'm mad it took so long but it's in the past and can't change that) and it showed a huge jump to around 6.3 cm. Started radiation and continued G/A. Latest scan shows subtle increase in this tumor but a 1cm growth in a section of the primary tumor that had been previously stable for two years. We were told that this subtle increase and the one centimeter increase from the main tumor could be from inflammation from the radiation. However because of the standard radiation, I have feelings that it's not working and neither is the chemo. Oncologist said that we will continue and see next scan.

IRE, SBRT, Cyroblation and microwave ablation are now offered to us from the same doctor in Florida. However, we are feeling like we are running out of options. And even if we do accept these treatments, Canadian health won't give us chemo to clean up the cells that weren't killed off by the IRE because canadian health is evidence based; chemo in their eyes doesn't work anymore and they're not onboard with IRE as much, or at least in our center.

I know IRE et al. is not a cure, not a silver bullet that I feel like I want it to be...but I can't help but hope because there's not much else.

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? Directions?

Thanks, I'm a desperate son.

RE: nanoknife IRE for pancreatic cancer

by tallysis on Wed Aug 05, 2020 03:46 AM

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Wondering about your experience with Dr. Donaway. I have heard concerns about his approach and finding out that he now operates a suite of experimental therapies concerned me more.
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