Bad BAD Dry Cough after esophagectomy

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RE: Bad BAD Dry Cough after esophagectomy

by doingfine on Fri Apr 10, 2020 01:57 PM

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I am a 16 year survivor.  Still cough some and also choke when I am not careful. Thought I was a gonner the other night choking on a piece of hamburger.  I got it out.  I cannot have anyone talk to me while I am eating and I have to eat slowly and swallow carefully.  Also have to keep my chin down.    Certain foods and post nasal drip also are a problem.  All in all life is good.  I am sorry for your coughing.

Have you had an ENT look at you.  I needed to have an implant in my right vocal chord because it was paralyzed.  That helped a ton.  I have been through the list of nasal sprays, but when my nose gets runny the best thing I use is Robitussin CF.  That calms it for several hours.    Did they check you for allergies?  I use benedryl and zyrtek.  One a day of each at night.  Perhaps there is something you are allergic to that makes the cough worse.   I am sorry and I do understand the word desperate.  I hope you find a solution soon.  Have you tried humidifier to keep room from being too dry?

Slipping down in bed.  Try raising the foot of the bed a couple of inches.  Sometimes I just give up and go sleep in my recliner. 

Don't worry about people looking at you, everyone has something and a cough does not mean you have the COVID-19 virus.  Oh,  I am 74 and loving life, even with the difficulties.  I pray you will find an answer to help you.  Oh, Vicks.  I sniff my Vicks vapo rub too and put some on my throat.

I will check back.  As I said, I truly hope you find a solution.

RE: Bad BAD Dry Cough after esophagectomy

by rhsteel on Thu Jun 18, 2020 11:08 PM

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My wife thought I wrote this!! 69 years old/ 9 years post op, and still cough way too much!!! Sleep elevated but always slip down bed....take protonix once a day... Once I have reflux, I generally cough for a couple of days. Have not found any solution that works all the time. Sometimes apple sauce helps, but not always. No solutions here.

RE: Bad BAD Dry Cough after esophagectomy

by slawyer1 on Thu Oct 22, 2020 05:11 AM

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What kind of breathing oil did your friend give you? I am desperate!



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