Anybody with signet ring cell cancer of the appendix ?

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Anybody with signet ring cell cancer of the appendix ?

by susel on Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:03 PM

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My husband has been diagnosed with signet cell ring cancer of the appendix (SRCC-PMP)in september 2010:
He had surgery (HIPEC_CRS) in november 2010. The percentage signet cell rings was not high then.
October this year we found out that the cancer is back now. We are upset. My husband is 54 years old. The percentage signet ring cells is much higher now.
There are mmetastases into the liver.
Does anybody have experience with this extremely rare type of cancer ?

It would be of great help to hear of anybody with the same type of cancer.


RE: Anybody with signet ring cell cancer of the appendix ?

by gtgirlee on Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:28 PM

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My husband was diagnosed with Stage III appendiceal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma with signet ring cell presence in July of 2015.

He underwent curative surgery to remove the 15cm tumor, substantial portions of the colon, and full cystectomy (removal of the bladder) as his tumor had pushed entirely through.  He has a permanent urostomy at this point.

He underwent adjuvant chemo with the intent of preventing recurrence (FOLFOX).  Just before completion of the 6 months a solitary pulmonary nodule was seen on a scan but it seemed incidental.  6 weeks later he had 7-- the doctors chalked it up to infection residuals (frequent infection due to lack of bladder and chemotherapy combined) because it did not light up on a PET scan.  6 months later and they doubled/tripled in diameter for those small nodules previously seen and several more ("innumberable" as per radiologist notes" seen in all lobes of the lungs.  My husband at this point is on palliative chemotherapy in hopes to extend his life but it is taking its toll, and a recent infection required a chest Xray and we are fairly certain of additional growth which would indicate a seccond chemotherapy that did not prevent growth. 

In December we were given 1-4 years depending on chemotherapy success by one doc and another recently said without chemo appx 6 months, and if it is effective we may gain 2-3 years.

The details:

Stage IV terminal diagnosis

K-RAS G12V mutation

Signet Ring Cell presence noted

MSS (Micro satellite stable)

Chemo treatments: FOLFOX, Ironetacan with Avastin

Surgery: Tumor removal, radical cystectomy, prostatectomy, removal of significant colon/intestine. 

Small bowel obstruction surgery April 2016

Lung biopsy December 2016 (identified concurrent constrictive bronchiolitis)

RE: Anybody with signet ring cell cancer of the appendix ?

by NickySpun on Tue Jul 31, 2018 03:28 PM

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I was diagnosed with signet ring back in 2016 after a hernia repair surgery. After a colonoscopy and a PET scan it was determined that my appendix was cancerous. I am a vet and I was at a VA facility. The diagnosis came as a shock as I was only 45 at the time and just became a new father. Needless to say I was quickly ushered into a slew of scans and tests that only made the diagnosis more vague and the situation more terrible. My oncologist was not able to guide me with any good advise as they don't care about healing broken people they only care about getting paid to "treat" you. I asked for a second and a third opinion so I was sent to M.D. Anderson in the wretched city of Houston, TX. The oncologist there was a nice man but not very interested in treating me as he did not examine me nor did he ask me about the state of my total health at the time (I suffer from severe PTSD) he just ordered chemotherapy and very powerful scan said he'd call me with test results and slipped out the back door of his clinic. (I swear I did not say or do anything inappropriate) He was probably late for a golf game with the pharmaceutical company reps. I left Houston more confused and angrier than I have ever been. (There was an incident with a racist man in the hotel parking lot) but that's no concern here. The doctor never called me with test results so I just figured that he wasn't interested in my situation and there was no recourse. So instead I have chosen quality of life over quantity because nobody gets out of here alive anyway and getting treatment means having to put up with bad doctors, nurses and the slew of people who work for them I'd rather just stay away. What I did was I started using Marijuana and changed my diet to whatever the hell I feel like eating and I'm much happier with that prognosis than "you're going to die from cancer".

RE: Anybody with signet ring cell cancer of the appendix ?

by Schuls on Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:30 AM

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I facing this now. Stage 4 Signet ring cell killer Go 6 months and live or let everyone watch you die Hipec takes 3-4 months of what time you have then your beaten and weak Or just let nature and god take you
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