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    Hi All, Thank you all for you comments - it is great to see that freedom of speech is alive and kicking but really think we need to be open to the individual journey each of us are on. So an update from my end: Dad had his second round of chemo on the 15th November, first was the 24th October. He is getting Cisplatin and HER2 in the hospital and then he is given a bag that is attached to him that pumps the 5FU for...

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      Hi Eternal, My father has also just been diagnosed with stage IV esophagus cancer due to 4 lymph nodes involved and a 1cm lump on his right buttock. He just started chemo - Cisplatin & 5FU (5 days a week, every 2 1/2 weeks) and he is HER2 Positive so on that drug also. We are all trying to stay very positive and dad has actually not even stopped working albeit it is his first week into it. Can I ask how you are ...

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        Hi All, My 60 year old father has been diagnosed with stage IV Esophageal cancer and is starting chemotherapy on Tuesday. He was diagnosed on the 5th September and since then he is drinking 250/500ml of carrot, Beetroot, apple and turmeric juice a day with vitamin C powder and wheatgrass powder added, all organic. He is also eating some cottage cheese with flaxseed oil every day. I am making smoothies with almond bu...

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