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    Thank you for your reply, Joy. It's so wonderful that you are still here enjoying life after fighting what must have been a long, hard battle. Congratulations! So, I do understand how they differentiate as therapies. I think my worry is that his cancer has progressed past the point of any other therapies working. Not that we're looking forward to radiation, but we both know chemoradiation is the most effective way t...

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      Thank you for your insight, it provided some clarity.

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        February 07, 2020
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          Hello all, my husband (59) was recently diagnosed with Stage IV adenocarcinoma EC. He's probably been stage 4 for several months before we found out. He has mets to lymph nodes and "innumerable" mets to liver. He will be starting on FOLFOX in a week or so, but has been wondering out loud why he's not getting radiation therapy. His oncologist actually wrote the words "chemotherapy only" when we brought the written dia...

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          I have no previous experience with cancer or what cancer treatment entails. Due to my propensity to consume enormous amounts of information, I have read countless medical journal abstracts, full studies, and treatment options since my husband's diagnosis. Yet, I am unable to find answers to my most pressing questions. I am here to learn from people who have Stage IV Adenocarcinoma EC and/or their caregivers.

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