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    Hi,I am new to the board.  My name is Jennifer.  When my brother was 8 years old he had his kidney removed due to cancer.While on treatment he needed a blood transfusion.  Back in 1979 they didnt test the blood.  Years later when he was 21 he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  That eventually led to Liver cancer.  My brother is now 45.  He needed a Liver Transplant.I gave him part of ...

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    My name is Jennifer.
    My brother had his kidney removed when he was 8 years old due to cancer. During his treatment he needed a blood transfusion. This was back in 1979.
    When he was around 21 he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C due to the transfusion. Eventually his liver developed cander. In October of 2016 I donated part of my liver to him. Everything was going well. A few bumps in the road here and there. He started with Harvoni and he tested negative for Hepatitis C. This past May he had an Mri. Unfortunately the cancer came back to the new liver. The mri showed 30 lesions on his liver. We are all devestated. He is being treated with oral chemo for now.
    He goes for a scan in about a month. Please pray some of the tumors have shrunk.

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