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    Well I have no abnormal blood work. Pain is only symptom. Pain in neck and under arms. No raised nodes. Just pAin. Chest X-ray was clean. Had ultrasound of neck that was clean. And a ct of chest and that was clean. But pain moves around to arms to elbow to neck. It’s silly. Don’t know what it is.

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      Hi. I’m glad you doing well. ????. I just wish I knew what it was. Had 3 xrays done today of neck and chest. And blood work. Found nothing. Pain still in throat and under one arm and then switches to other arm. Crazy. Upper back pain way up. Won’t go away. Who knows.

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        Hi. Newbie here. Been sick for a few months. Pretty much throat upper arms and chest and between shoulder blades pain also into ears sometimes. Feels like swollen lymph nodes. But none found. Been going to doctors for weeks. Had a chest X-ray. Lotta blood work and ultra sound of my neck and nothing shows up. Went to ent and he found some reflux and sinus drip. But nothing else. My issue is major fatigue. And the pai...

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