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    HI! I was dismissed with leukocytosis so many times it makes me cringe!!! I have been seeking a diagnosis because I would go through periods of energy, then extreme periods of fatigue. I was dealing with MAJOR emotional distress and during an ambulance trip in 2015 was diagnosed with Polycythemia. My mother had just had survived a mastectomy & breast cancer. Then my 82 year old grandmother was diagnosed with brea...

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      I am due in this Monday at my GP's office after she sent me in to have an Ultrasound of my palpable thyroid nodule and TSH + T4, Free labs. Lab results came in borderline normal, but the US states I had a Normal Thyroid Scan...Then Additional findings were 4 different enlarged lymph nodes all equalling greater than 1cm, some 2cm. The report said it can only focus on 4 enlarged lymph nodes. I assume because I went in ...

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