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Head and Neck Cancer, Throat Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma base of the tongue in December 2008. He had 35 radiation treatments and 3 treatments of chemo with cisplatin.

Andy never smoked or drank and he ate healthy. He was an active in running 6 miles a day. About a month into his treatments Andy had to take a 6 month leave from his job he would get really sick with the chemo.. After he finished his treatments in May of 2009 he had a two week stay in the hospital because his electrolytes had dropped very low. In September 2009 Andy had his first PET scan since having his treaments. The scan detected it still showed activity. Andy was scheduled for a radical neck dissection on November 5th 2009. The week after Thanksgiving 2009 Andy noticed a drainage of pus seeping from his neck where he had the surgery. The doctor said he had an infection. Andy was put on an antibiotic, by the holidays it had seem to get worse instead of better. He had an appointment to see the doctor again after New Year's.

The doctor said apparently the antibiotic did a reverse on him instead of the antibotic clearing up the infection, it make it grow. Andy was put on different and stronger antibotic. The doctor had to make a opening in his throat area and I had to pack it with antibotic packing strips twice a day. I had to do this for him for 5 months. In May of 2010 it finally begin to heal and I fianlly did not have to pack it. He still has the scar which looks like a small hole.

In September 2010 Andy was for another PET scan. The doctor said there were no signs of the cancer.

In October 2010 Andy finally had his PEG tube removed after having it for eighteen months. However, with having the chemo/cisplatin it did damage to Andy's hearing, he had only 20% hearing in his right ear. He had surgery having a prosthesis put in his ear, his hearing return to normal.

The beginning of November 2010 Andy started back to running on his lunch time. He was going to prepare to run the BAY TO BREAKERS in May. He started out slow running 2 miles increased to 3 miles than to six miles until he could do 7 miles.

Andy and I did run the BAY TO BREAKERS in San Francisco and YES, we were the one's who was running with our clothes on. If you don't know about the BAY TO BREAKERS you are allowed to run nude. www.baytobreakers.com However, I disagree with it but we have been running it for years. It was a 7 1/2 mile run Andy ran it in 1hour 15 minutes. We will be running the WHARF TO WHARF July 24th.

This year has been a good year. I thank the Lord for watching over Andy, it was a very difficult two years. For someone who never smoked or drank to come down with throat cancer and was given a 20% could only be our Father in heaven that got us through this nasty BEAST.

If you are here that means you are going through this also. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! If Andy beat the NASTY BEAST than so can YOU!!!

My husband went to the doctor on Feb 12, 2013. He is 4 years out. Dr. Fong said that everything looked good. Andy will see him again in June, he said if everything looked good at that appointment then he will go back in 6 months. He will have another PET scan in Sept. Andy still has dry mouth and till taking Salagan for it. Has a hard time swollening breads. He can't seem to get enough of water.

Life has been good and I believe in God and that he is cured from his cancer...

UPDATE: JUNE 14, 2013

It has been 4 years and everything is good with Andy. He should be going in soon for his check-up and if everything is good then he will go back every 6 months. He should be having his PET scan sometime in Sept. He still has the very dry mouth and will always have to take salagan for it the rest of his life. He is still running and we will again been running in the WHARF TO WHARF race come July. It will be about his 25th year and my tenth.

I thank God for all he has done for us. Never give up hope because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH GOD.

July 15, 2014

It has been 5 years since Andy was treated for this throat cancer. He is now having side effects from all the radiation. He now has a hard time talking clearly. Always has foam that collects in this mouth. He can spit and drink hot water but it just comes right back. He is very frustrated with it. He has Electric Stimulation therapy but didn't seem to help. Anyone with this problem?

-Continue- October 19, 2015 Here it is now fall and Andy is still not any better. He is still having side effects from all the radiation that he had from Feb-April in 2009. Sorry to say he wished that he never did the radiation or Chemo. It has been very difficult for him to swallow/eat/talk. He is not the same person that he once was and he does not like it. The doctor told him that there is nothing that they can do for him. He said that it will never get better but could only get worst. Well it was not what he wanted to hear from his doctor. For someone who loved to eat/talk/do presentations is very difficult now to do. Having to do smoothies and soft foods and not eating the things that you once loved to enjoy eating but can't anymore is very disappointing. As his wife and his only caregiver I feel the pain that he is going through but can't seem to get him out of the depression that he has fallen into. I hurt for the man that I love but he seems to be getting worse. It seems that his running is what he loves best because he says that it is his thinking time when he is running. The doctor told him that the running is good because it has most likely prevented him from getting Pneumonia because he is inhaling the fresh air into his lungs. I am praying that he will get better but it seems the doctor never has any good news to tell us. Keep us in your prayers.



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