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    My loved one was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013,she completely recovered from it in 2015 and she was on follow up now in March 2020, she has been diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer,there was big ulcer so she underwent a major surgery, after surgery radiation was to be started but due to Covid we didn't get the appointment for radiation,within 3 months of surgery ,a mass developed near her stomach (detect...

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    Hodgkins Disease, Liver Cancer, Stomach Cancer
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    My loved one is suffering from cancer from past 7 years, early it was Hodgkins lymphoma which was treated and she recovered completely but now in March 2020 she got detected with stomach cancer, gastric surgery was done as her situation was critical, after surgery chemotherapy has been started but unfortunately her stomach cancer has been started affecting liver also, chemotherapy is still going...
    She is facing acidity, unable to eat,

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