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    Hey hey everyone! Sorry been CRAZY busy the last few days but I have an update! -Halls are the only type of cough candy, lozenge, whatever that controls my cough, nothing else comes close -The bigger update is that I have been switched from Losec 20mg twice per day to Nexium 40mg twice per day. Ever since that happened, the cough has gone down a lot! I still cough, but not like I used to. Thank you for all the res...

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      Hi everyone, I'm new here, go easy on me please LOL. In September I was diagnosed with Stage 2 E.C. it was caught on a fluke, which I'm very grateful for. I have never smoked or drank, I'm only 29 years old, so imagine the shock I got when the doctor told me...yeah, not fun. ANYWAYS, I had an esophagectomy on January 18 of this year after some chemo and radiation. The tumor had shrunk, so my doctor did a minimally ...

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