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    Hi all: My husband died on June 14 of what began as esophageal cancer three 1/2 years ago. We did get a 1 1/2 year remission time, but then it came back with a vengence - having sneakily spread to his stomach, lungs, liver and worst of all his bones. We miss him tremendously, but by the end he was in such pain and bedridden. What a horrible disease this is! Hospice, who we should have called weeks ago, but Rich did...

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    Esophageal Cancer

    Hi all: It's been a long year. My husband was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, stage 3, in Jan 2009. This after his primary care physician told him for months that it was "just classic heartburn" and nothing to worry about -- so the doctor just kept giving him stronger and stronger heartburn medication until he lost 30 lbs and his throat closed. Rich took himself to the hospital and admitted himself. We still get angry that all it would have taken was one endoscopic exam to see the huge tumor. So -- 4 months of chemo and radiation nearly daily and we thought we were home free in April 2009. In Sept. 2010, they decided that surgery was needed, so his esophagus was removed up at USC (great thoracic dept.) and his stomach attached to this throat. 24 days in the hospital and now he has been home for a few weeks. He's down from 8 cans of J-tube feeding to 2-3, has gained 10 lbs on home cooking (blenderized quite a bit) But yesterday, they told us that beginning Monday he begins EOX chemo -- it sounds scary, with lots of side effects. Glad that I have found this group to get advice from -- if anyone knows other useful groups, please let me know. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

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