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    Well had two more acupuncture treatments this week and haven’t had nausea since last Saturday. You have no idea how happy I am. Maybe your wife should try it. This chiropractor also does acupuncture and he only charged $30 which was great. Let’s hope I stay this way.

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      I take zofran which is supposed to be the best but it really doesnt help. Later in the day last week I took composing and it knocked me out. My big concern is, what is causing nausea. Have had three acupuncture sessions and so far it hasn’t help. Will try it a few more times. So frustrated. Thank you for your reply

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        I was fortunate to have had Whipple in September 2018. I was 78 then but very active, vibrant woman. First let me say I am very medication sensitive. I maintained a positive attitude throughout this journal and continued exercise. I was diagnosed with execrine pancreatic insufficiency, don’t produce enough enzymes. Tried zenpep but got nauseous from it. It is now two years from when I was diagnosed and of course had...

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