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WOW Stan!!

That's determinably harsh commentary!

Could you please provide the clinical evidence, personal experience or even anecdotal knowledge on which you base your claim?

Hi K,

Most protocols recommend "liquid ionic" (not just for cesium) which left me wondering just exactly what the Magic was...cesium chloride is -after all - an ionic substance anyway...a little basic chemistry research reveals that it merely means it has been 'dissociated' in that Magic solvent: water (pure, of course). (look up ionic dissociation, solvates, solvents, etc)

So it appears the bottom line is that all those alternative health sites selling Liquid Ionic products for multiples of the price of the same volume of powdered minerals are simply dissolving the same powdered products you can buy in distilled water and reselling it to you; the same 100 grams of powder suddenly goes from worth $60 to more than $200. Shameful, IMO!

Dear Fortunate:

Researching Cesium protocol for my brother's cancer, I came across your contribution.

I would very much like to communicate if you are still able.

Please reply.

Thank you,


OMGosh, missy, you have got WAY too much going on!

Wrong as it seems, it would be a BLESSING for your Mom to be in the hospital/rehab...you could MAYBE catch your breath...while she's there, figure out SOME WAY to reduce your stress load over the long term!

Hang in there...

Greetings, fellow navigators!

I have recently become aware of A. Keith Brewer's brilliant theory for controlling cancerous cells with cesium and have begun attempting to confirm which methodologies may be being used today by both alternative practitioners and the general public under advice from purveyors or on their own, in particular, how is the cesium chloride being introduced to the body, as well as, what stumbling-blocks may have been encountered and the net results.

I am reaching out to this community for that information to renew the conversation begun in 2010 since there has been no new activity in several years and the original discussion was fairly limited.

Please reply with your methodology, experiences and the effectiveness/ineffectiveness achieved.

Thank You!

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