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RE: The ketogenic diet and cancer

by chalmj - May 06 at 1:32 PM


Delighted to hear from you. So happy you are still in this fight.

I too am on Keytruda since mid 2018 as you indicate injections every 3 weeks. My MRI's have consistantly indicated tumor unchanged so not much regression going on. I have the itching rash and gastrointestinal upset. 

I have been searching for ways to boost my immune system. The Keytruda allows the immune system to see the cancer but does nothing to enhance the immune system.

The key things I use to boost my immune system are creatinine monohydrate, colostrum, vitamin c and zinc and recently Red/NIR light therapy also known as photobiomodulation. 

The light therapy is a known immune system booster and currently I am really excited about it. Been doing it for a few months and I believe it is working better than all the rest of the immune boosters I have been working with. I have blood tests showing an explosion of WBC and neotrophils which I think is related to the light therapy.

There is a book entitled The Immunotherapy Revolution by Dr. Jason Williams I would highly recommend as he goes through ways to enhance immunotherapy and the latest and greatest treatments now in clinical trial. He does not mention the creatinine monohydrate or the light therapy though which are the 2 best ways I have found to boost immune systen response. 

What does the megestrol acetate do? I wonder if it might help with my gastrointestinal distress - loose stools, fairly consistanly lately. 

Anyway, so happy to hear from you. Wishing you the best.



RE: What is your urine PH?

by chalmj - September 17, 2019


I have to agree with much of what you say especially the "keep people sick industry" and the fact that "the rich people control our government and every treatment option we can get through conventional medicine". No sure about alkaline water effectiveness. I was drinking alkaline water for quite some time a few years back (moving into my 8th cancer journey year) but don't know if it worked. 

My waking AM urine PH today was 5.7. Still low. Drinking lemon water tea, kombucha, daily smoothies with spinach or leafy greens like collards or kale, wheat grass juice, magnesium, etc to offset some of the acid foods I eat like yogurt, buttermilk, eggs etc. The western diet is so acidic. I do not eat wheat or grains as they are even more acidic than meat and dairy.

I use a Hanna PH meter with a cup which makes it easy to check urine PH several times a day. Staring to understand just how variable urine PH is. Maybe not the best PH indicator but I am starting to get familiar with it and feel confident the meter is providing accurate measurements.

Currently, just monitoring uPH and seeing what things lower or raise it.


RE: What is your urine PH?

by chalmj - August 08, 2019


I have actually asked some of my non cancer friends to consider checking their AM wakeing urine PH but without much success to see where normal people urine PH might be because I agree it is not specific and can be high or low having nothing to do with the cancer. 

I wrote to a place called "The Cancer Alternative Foundation" about PH monitoring and they responded with the following email - sorry a long post now - so now I'm trying to measure my saliva AM PH. 

It is our research conclusion thatmonitoring pH via urine is not a good measurement technique.


The body excretes acid through the urine based on what you are eating and your various biological processes.

That is normal, and most of the time theurine is quite acidic, particularly in the morningbecause you have not been drinking a lot of liquid during the night.


Oneeasy way to raise urine pH is to drink more water.  The dilution effect will essentially create a less acidic result when you test.  


However that is not going to address your condition in a satisfactory way to manage or regress your cancer status.


The best measurement proxy (note the word PROXY for tissue / intracellular pH), is your pre-meal saliva.


I, jpc/me reword this -best way to measure intracellular/ tissue PH is pre-meal saliva.


If you are using a highly sensitive pH paper perhaps from 5.5 in .1 increments to 8.5, the method is as follows:


1.  Get upin the morning, urinate before eating or drinking,measure the saliva pH.


2. Measure the saliva pH by spitting once in the sink, then gathering up more saliva and spitting on the pH paper, being careful not to put your lips directly on it.


3.  Wait for the pH paper to develop, at least 15 seconds, then take your reading.


We find that the best indicator if you are successfully using pH to monitor your cancer is to thentest again after your morning meal.


If thepH goes down, the cancer is actively feeding. If itgoes up, the cancer is not feedingto any measurable extent.


The reasonfor this is thatas cancer feeds, it excretes a highly acidic waste productfrom its anaerobic digestion of glucose.


If you have successfully managed to control both your body’s glucose production and thus the cancer metabolism, you will not see a decrease in your pH reading but will likely see an increase.


We have had clients that pushed their pH up from 6.5 to 7.8 by just eating a lot of “super greens” salad mixes and kale with lemon/olive oil dressings.


The dressing is important as things likecanola oil and balsamic vinegar can push your pH down quite a bit -very acid forming.


One particular client that comes to mind who was kind of a sugar and carbohydrate fiend - very bad for her on many levels. We requested that she ban grains, baked goods, all forms of sugar including excess fruit consumption, and rather eat mostly dark - dark and bitter is best - leafy greens, root vegetables like carrots, beets and dark orange yams, nuts and seeds, seaweed in the diet and a small amount of fish and/or meat - meaning not more than 3 oz. of flesh proteins or not more than 4 oz. of fish per serving, not more than 2 times a day and hopefully some days, substituting beans, lentils or other non-flesh proteins for at least 1 and preferably 2 of the main meals in the day.


We also suggested drinking 1 to 3 lemons juiced, diluted with water (bymaking a jar of it in the AM and drinking it all day),


use lemon juice in salad dressing not vinegar,add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegarto one or two glasses of  lemonade every day, and use ONLY 100% pure organic stevia extract or powder to sweeten.  


The last component is toeat plenty of fat- as much as50% of your calories from fat, which for a grown man might be8 to 10 tablespoons of the right fats - coconut oil, clarified butter(take out the white stuff on the top that forms when you heat it),olive oil (eat only cold as a dressing),avocado oil and avocados. Then of coursenuts. Not peanuts and cashews, butalmonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, hazel nuts,etc.


This style of diet - the alkaline diet - will most profoundly affect your intracellular pH, which is the important part of attempting this program.


As for using the alkaline mineral program we refer to in materials, for your type of cancer it may be extremely helpful, along with various immune enhancing products such as Essiac Tea, seaweed withiodine, Sage tea, Spriulina,Chlorella,Milk Thistle, astragalus,angelica - there are very many that can help you.  See our list of vetted vendors here:  http://www.thecanceralternative.org/resources


We recommend the companyessence-of-life.comif you wish to explore the alkaline mineral therapy for yourself.  Here is a link to their information page - really quite well done.  



Their products and support are the best in the industry, soif you decide to pursue pH therapy with minerals, they are really the only reputable vendor we have identified who can help you through the entire process.


NOTE WE DO NOT ACCEPT COMPENSATION IN ANY FORM FROM ANY VENDOR WE REVIEW AS IT COMPROMISES OUR OBJECTIVITY!!  So if you like what we do, please donate here.  http://www.thecanceralternative.org/donate_to_the_cancer_alt


Last but not least, anypH therapy is enhanced by use of enzyme therapy,which helps to open up the cellular membrane of cancer cells, thus making them more affected by pH therapy.


Cannabis tinctures and oils can also enhance the effect of pH therapyand if it is legal in your area, we suggest you pursue this.


The Cancer Alternative Foundation



RE: What is your urine PH?

by chalmj - August 06, 2019


Interesting aticle. I don't agree with most of it - in particual that big pharma does not suppress natural treatments.

Goverment suppression on cannabis for example is clear as it reamains a schedule 1 drug which means it has no medical benifit while the government itself has a medical patent out on marijiuana. My feeling is the only reason it hasn't been removed from schedule 1 is due to the heavy monetary influence big pharma has on our government officials

But when it comes to PH the article actually emphasizes the reason I posted the PH question. There is information that says low urine PH is not associated with the cancer process and there is information that says it is as I indicated in the orginal post.

So if there are other cancer patients out there monitoring their PH what are they seeing? It might shed some light on whether or not low urine PH is a hallmark of cancer patients or not. 


I am a head and neck cancer patient that gets an MRI every 3 months. I googled "gadolinium" which is the heavy metal contrast dye they inject for an MRI and I found a study showed that gadolinium accumulates in the brain and does not leave the body.

Chuck Noris is suing for millions as his wife was on periodic MRI's with contrast and is now experiencing brain issues. 

I do not get the contrast with my MRI's for this reason. Just google gadolinium and you will be shocked at what you find. 


Hello Malik,

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. My brother was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was bleeding so they talked him into having a colostomy bag operation, supposedly temorarily, to stop using his  colon to help stop the bleeding but the cancer quickly spread to the surgey area and that killed him. Surgery causes inflammation. Cancer thrives in inflammed evnvironments. 

Can you tell me why the surgery? It does not do anything to help treat her colon cancer does it? We patients (I have HNSCC for 7 years now) all have to be careful what treatment is recommended as conventional medicine has as its major marching order the need to make big bucks so recommendations may be based more on that than their effectiveness.  

There are natural alternatives available for all cancers. What is your grandmothers AM waking urine PH? If it is low, as it is in all cancer patients it seems, she could implement the Gerson Therapy - drinking vegetable juices throughout the day and eating alkaline foods to bring the PH back up to normal. In a book called "Never fear Cance Again" by Raymond Francis he states - restoring your PH to normal is one of the most fundamental things a cancer patient can do to help prevent and reverse cancer

I recommend checking out you tube videos on colon cancer conventional treatment options. For example there are yearly meetings from organizations like ASCO or ESMO where clinical oncologists present to their peirs the latest and greatest on cancer treatment options for various cancers. 

What is her diet? Cancer may already be placing a hugh acidic challenge on her body - it ozzes out lactic acid constantly which then travels through the blood to the liver to get converted back into glucose in the liver to feed the cancer again - a cycle know as cachexia - resposible for many cancer patients simply wasting away as this cycle steals so much energy from the body. I have read it is responsible for many cancer patient deaths. 

If she is eating highly acidic foods like wheat and sugar how can she recover? If she has been eating these highly acidic foods over years that may be the reason she got cancer. 

We just have to understand that if they can't make big bucks on it conventional medicine won't offer it so you will never see doctors telling you about how to restore normal PH, or how to boost you immune system with fermented foods, or needed lifestyle/diet changes.


What is your urine PH?

by chalmj - August 05, 2019

I have read cancer patients have low PH due to the acidic burden tumors put on the body due to the constat ozzing of lactic acid into the tumor microenvironment which then gets into the blood.

In the book "Never Fear Cancer Again" by Raymond Francis he indicates the following about urine PH ranges: 

Below 6.0 - dangerous range

6.0 to 6.5 - unhealthy range 

6.5 to 7.5 - healthy range

Above 7.5 - dangerous range 

In the book he indicates restoring your PH to normal is one of the most fundamental things a cancer patient can do to help prevent and reverse cancer. 

Currently, my waking AM urine PH reading is very low. Yesterday 5.2, today 5.0. I am struggling to do things to try to move my PH into a normal range. 

This post is to ask if there are other cancer patients who have been monitoring their urine PH, what their results have been and if they have been successful at taking action to restore it to normal. 

Thanks, John 


I like your approach. Currently I have pretty much the same diet as when I was on a strict ketogenic diet.

I have tea in the morning (mixture of black and white tea) loaded with butter or coconut oil or MCT oil for saturated fats and avacodo or olive or algae oil for monounstaturated fats along with things like fiber, minerals, etc.

Lots of fats in the AM so I don't get hungry until my eating window which I try to keep to 6-9 PM. Ocassionally I check my glucose or ketone blood levels to find I might be in mild ketosis, but other times I find I am not. 

For a treat I eat whipped cream mixed with colostrum to boost my immune system with some 85% cocoa dark chocolate and even add some ice cream in at times. I get Bryers natural vanilla ice cream as it only has four ingredients so thinking that is better than these other ice creams that have corn syrup and other ingerdients that have no business being in ice cream. 

The two ingredient words I avoid the most are the words "enriched" and "oil" as enriched means it is a dead food with no nutritional value so they throw in synthetic chemicals like folic acid that is harmful to some 40% of the population with the MTHFR genitic variation like me and these seed oils they put in most processed foods lately because they are cheap but they are extremely harmful as they throw off the important omega3/omega6 ratio/ index. 



So happy to talk to another diet adventurer for truely to those who have done it the ketogenic diet is an adventure.

Yes - I found that my glucose began to rise when I was on the ketogenic diet for a long period of time. Then learned about the dawn phenomenon where constantly low insulin may lead to raised cortisol levels whcih can raise glucose levels in the blood. Began to think, well all my cells are burning fat leaving all that raised glucose for the cancer cells basically thinking the ketogenic diet may not be as benificial to cancer patients as I had first thought. 

So it does seem that it must be cyclic. I like your seasonal time frames making me think what is the best way to do this cycling? Dr. Mercola talks abut this frequently and I think he indicates cycling on a weekly basis.

I'm not sure anyone really knows the best cycling time frame. I think Dr. Steven Phiney, sort of the father of the Ketosis revolution, thinks it's OK to stay in ketosis all the time. Dr. Bary Sears talks about diet to balance hormones as they effect each other and low insulin leads to raised cortisol, etc. 

Currently, I still believe in and am eating a high fat diet but not keeping low carb. I still avoid processed man made high carb foods but I am not measuring ketones or glucose or keeping a food diary as I was in my strict keto days when I was convinced the ketogenic diet could be used as a primary cancer therapy. 




i checked the article and did some research. Sounds interesting but there is the sourcing problem and really not much clinical research showing it actually works. Of course that is always a problem with any natural substance that drug companies can't make a fortune on so nothing natural ever gets too far through the drug company controlled FDA.

I think we need a government agency similar to the FDA but for natural substances such that doctors could use them officially. Many doctors are moving this way anyway using herbs, vitamins, minerals. etc to treat patients.

In some of Dr. Marco Ruggerio videos and Bravo yougurt he mentions the importance of oleic acid as part of his Swiss Protocol.


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