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    Once I knew a guy with stage 4 cancer. He had a year a d a half battle with treatment. Progressive chemotherapy. Before he died he told me he talked to cancer. It had its own entity. That's weird, I said. Years ago a quark wouldn't have crossed my mind.  Now a decade later. I go to bed after "towel head" creeped me out in the living room. If it's a living entity it's bound to follow you around, even if it's d...

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      The sun last year made me really sick, confused, dehydrated. An ambulance was called one day and they did tests in the ambulance and wanted to give me fluids. I refused to go to the hospital. When I got home and showered, I felt like something happened within my body like nuclear waste. I sat down to drink some koolaid. Even the condensation from the glass that dripped on my arm made me feel sick.  Can someone ...

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        Years ago I was outside planting a plant and something came out of the garden and bit/stung my arm. I let it go instructed by my partner to get it checked. It was itchy, red and scaly as can be. It spread around the area and looked like squamous. I did not get it checked. After having scalp issues and itching/stinging all over my body along with night sweats, malaise and fatigue I eventually put silver colloidal on i...

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