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    My husband has had cancer for nearly 4 yrs so treatment, chemo can extent his life. It could be nerves causing him to say that, but it also could be God calling him home. My husband has had some awesome experiences from a white dove coming to visit up for 8 hours to having a sun beam shinning down just on him. I KNOW how frustrating it is, not knowing and not being told. Try your hardest to get a good communication...

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      My prayers are with you. My husband has sleep apenia so I got broke into seeing him with a mask and tubbing years ago. To this day it still makes me sad to see. He is dying of NHL Cancer. Chemo stopped working. Maybe a clinical trail but I feel the doctor is just stalling. We have been married almost 38 years and this is breaking my heart. Without my Faith in God and Jesus, I don't think I could get through this ...

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        My husband of nearly 38 yrs has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma B. He first got it 2014. went through 6 months of chemo and then went into remision, actually just went under the radar, tumors were too small to say for sure they were cancer. It came back with a vengence in Jan. He has had 4 bone marrow biopsy's all showing bone marrow involvement. since this past June he has had over 30 chemos. It is not working. His nurse sa...

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