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    I am 75 in May, I had Melenoma cancer in both lungs, 8 spots in the Liver, Spleen, in the bones right leg and the left sholder blade. Now I have been remission for the past year. I was told that I would not live back in 2016. If you are able to get Apriott kernnels, take 42 a day , 7 every two hours whilst awake. Plus 5 mls of Selenium on an empty stomach, Also 4-5 Sobibic capsules a day. This is what killed my Mel...

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      Please it is urgent, I am loking for the person in Canada who was comuniating with the deceased (did not die from cancer) Richard D'Alton as I have a relation in America which you may be able to help.

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        I am looking for a cancer Dr in Canada who has been comunicating with Richard D'Alton in Australia please?

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