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    I have been trying to get a diagnosis for the mid back pain that I've been experiencing for 4-5 yrs.  the last test i had (MRCP) showed a 3mm lesion in the head of my pancreatic duct, bile strictures and dialated gall bladder.  I'm afraid it's cancer of the pancreas or bile ducts.  My doctor told me to come back in a year (it's been almost 9 mos) for another scan to see if the lesion has grown.  ...

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      Luckielife....if you are still monitoring this feed...can you tell me what symptoms you had the lead you to the doctor for your bile duct.  Also what test did you take the ultimately lead to your diagnosis.  I have been trying so hard to figure out what is going on with my liver.  i have had 2 MRCP's that show strictures in my common bile duct and many hepatic cysts in my liver. in November 2017, on my...

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