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    Thanks for the information.  I live about 50 miles from the SUMA Akron Hospital so at least it's closer than Mexico. I have MGUS, and the M protein in my blood keeps increasing with each blood test given quarterly. I would like to stop the progression before it becomes Multiple Myeloma.  I have known 2 people who have died from that horrible incurable cancer. It won't be a pleasant way to go because opioids...

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      I have been trying to find a source for Ck3 or K3 in the USA without success. I have read that although it kills cancer cells, it is dangerous.  So is chemo. Others have stated that it's safe. Is this Big Pharma trying to kill us again,  or is it really dangerous? It can't even be shipped from Mexico where it is allowed. I have been diagnosed with MGUS, and the M protein is increasing.  I would like to...

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