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    Hi i have a light brown mole with pink pigment in the center. If i remember correctly i have noticed this mole for 3 years now and nothing so far has changed. I cant remember if this was cause by a injury.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ucp3r7dimge7li/IMG_8094.jpg?dl=0

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      Its the photo, tonsil doesnt look this red when i look in front of mirror. I have stone in both but only left is swollen. I know the swollen tonsil has been the same since august last year when i saw it, i didnt think much. It might of been there longer than that just never checked the back of my throat. If a tonsil was infected before but i dont remenber having tonsilitis or symptoms. Normally i get cold flu, like t...

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        My left tonsil is swollen and is about twice the size of the right. I noticed this last year (August?) recently i checked my mouth and saw its still there(same size) and not sure if it has been there even longer. Looked it up on google lately and has me worried like crazy, it awalys says cancer. Im 23 male dont smoke or drink, clean diet and weight train and cardio every other day. I dont get it, why is it swelled up...

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