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The CancerCompass news and online support community is now available through an RSS service. With RSS, you can include recent cancer news and message board discussions from CancerCompass, free of charge, in your homepage, news readers, and weblogs.

You can subscribe to this week’s top stories and discussions by clicking on an icon to the right.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) is an XML format designed for sharing web content. An RSS service (also known as an RSS channel) consists of a list of items, each of which contains a headline, a description of the article or discussion, and a link to the full article or discussion online.

How do I use RSS?

If you are interested in receiving the latest cancer news articles and information through an RSS feed, you will need to download an RSS news reader or aggregator. There are many different readers available, and several of them are free. Most readers are applications that you download online and install on your computer. Other RSS readers may be web-based services that you sign-up for.

Once active, RSS news readers typically allow you to view the articles in a friendly way, and will automatically update your list as new articles and discussions from CancerCompass become available.

Click on an icon to the right to add an RSS feed to your homepage.

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